Online BOM

An online tool to calculate material requirements and cost rollups via multi-level bill of material explosion.

Designed for Discrete Manufacturers Who Need a Simple Tool to Explode Bills of Material for Local and Mobile Workers

Online BOM works as an adjunct or primary tool for material planning and costing.

Use it side by side with your current system or use it standalone.

  • Enable your remote sales force to calculate the material requirements and cost for all items in a sales order. Online BOM can explode the bill of materials for those items and calculate the sales orders' requirements and costs.
  • Handle multiple iterations of a build-to-order proposal. Use Online BOM to develop and compare the cost of project variants.
  • Enable production managers to combine many small quantity work orders into a single list and improve efficiency.
  • Designed for discrete manufacturers with up to several hundred employees.


Easy to Use and Understand.

  • Enter your parts directly or upload data from your spreadsheet or database software (uploads available shortly).
  • Part details, components, and where used information are presented in a single place with an easy to understand format.
  • Download all your information at any time including calculated material requirements and costs (available soon).

Get the Material Requirements and Costing Information You Need to Succeed

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